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There really is no secret about becoming a competitive medical school applicant. There are, however, lesser-known but proven strategies to effectively sell yourself as an ideal med school candidate to admissions committees. Make it count—in your favor. While driving home after seeing a friend one rainy evening in March , my brother called to notify me that I had been rejected from UCLA.

I cried during the entire minute drive. UCLA was my dream school for undergrad throughout childhood. My dad and brother had gone there, and I was ready to carry on the family tradition. I decided that same evening to learn everything I could about writing great admissions essays because I was determined to get in. The only thing that changed was the way I presented myself.

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Since then, I have used the same exact methods of self-presentation I learned as a high school senior to transfer and graduate from Cornell, get into the top-ranked Ph. But my favorite part of this story is that I have translated my expertise to help many medical school applicants get into medical school. After all of your hard word as a pre-med student, I want to make sure you present yourself most effectively in your applications, too. As my story demonstrates, this can make all the difference between disappointment and getting into your dream school.

The good news? While the tips discussed below apply to the entire personal statement, the examples I provide focus on the introductory paragraph, which is your first and best opportunity to engage the reader. A boring introductory paragraph, on the other hand, is difficult to recover from. However, there are common and uncommon topics, as well as typical and standout delivery. Surprise them when they rarely expect to be surprised.

Difference 1: Typical personal statements focus on the experiences that applicants think will make them seem most impressive. The best personal statements focus on the qualities that make applicants truly special. Instead of choosing their standout qualities—character, personality traits, attitudes—first, most applicants simply choose experience s that will help them stand out to admissions committees.

Why is this an issue? Imagine you have participated in the following extracurricular activities:. At face value, which of these experiences do you think would make you seem most impressive to an admissions committee? Given these choices, my research shows that most students would choose to write about clinical shadowing 2 or medical mission trips 5.

Furthermore, I would imagine that most students who choose one of those two topics will take a very similar approach, such as starting off the essay describing some interaction with a very ill patient or one with whom they experienced a language barrier. Based on her sharp intellect and cheerful pattern of making all of our staff feel like we were her best friends, it would be difficult to tell why she frequently visited the hospital. Throughout my interactions with Mary, I wondered how she maintained such a positive attitude despite her ailments.

She seemed to give our staff more joy with her beaming smile than receiving care. I wanted to give her the best care possible, whether through asking our great nurses to check in on her or offering an extra blanket or favorite snack to ensure comfort throughout her stay.

How to Write Medical School Personal Statement of a Premium Level?

In November 20XX, I had been a police officer for two years when my partner and I happened to be nearby when a man had a cardiac emergency in Einstein Bagels. Entering the restaurant, I was caught off guard by the lifeless figure on the floor, surrounded by spilled food.

Writing Ability

Luckily, paramedics arrived within minutes to transport him to a local hospital. Later, I watched as the family thanked the doctors who gave their loved one a renewed chance at life. I have always been enthralled by the science of medicine and eager to help those in need but, due to life events, my path to achieving this dream has been long.

Medical School Sample Personal Statements

My journey began following high school when I joined the U. I was immature and needed structure, and I knew the military was an opportunity to pursue my medical ambitions. I trained as a combat medic and requested work in an emergency room of an army hospital. Even when dealing with difficult patients, the physicians I worked with maintained composure, showing patience and understanding while educating patients about their diseases.

How did I start?

I observed physicians not only as clinicians but also as teachers. As a medic, I learned that I loved working with patients and being part of the healthcare team, and I gained an understanding of acute care and hospital operations.

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  • Following my discharge in 20XX, I transferred to an army reserve hospital and continued as a combat medic until 20XX. Working as a medic at several hospitals and clinics in the area, I was exposed to osteopathic medicine and the whole body approach to patient care. I was influenced by the D. I learned that the body cannot function properly if there is dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system.

    In 20XX, I became a police officer to support myself as I finished my undergraduate degree and premed courses. While working the streets, I continued my patient care experiences by being the first to care for victims of gunshot wounds, stab wounds, car accidents, and other medical emergencies. I often found signs of drug and alcohol abuse and learned the dangers and power of addiction.

    Wanting to learn more about primary care medicine, in 20XX I volunteered at a community health clinic that treats underserved populations. Shadowing a family physician, I learned about the physical exam as I looked into ears and listened to the hearts and lungs of patients with her guidance. I paid close attention as she expressed the need for more PCPs and the important roles they play in preventing disease and reducing ER visits by treating and educating patients early in the disease process.

    This was evident as numerous patients were treated for high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, and diabetes, all conditions that can be resolved or improved by lifestyle changes.

    10 Successful Medical School Essays | Sponsored | The Crimson Brand Studio

    I learned that these changes are not always easy for many in underserved populations as healthier food is often more expensive and sometimes money for prescriptions is not available. This experience opened my eyes to the challenges of being a physician in an underserved area. The idea of disease prevention stayed with me as I thought about the man who needed CPR. My experiences in health care and law enforcement have confirmed my desire to be an osteopathic physician and to treat the patients of the local area. I want to eliminate as many medical surprises as I can. Clearly dedicated to service, he also does a great job making it clear he is a good fit for osteopathic medical school and understands this distinctions of osteopathic practice.

    Background: This applicant who grew up with modest means, should be an inspiration to us all.

    What is the medical school personal statement?

    Rather than allowing limited resources to stand in his way, he took advantage of everything that was available to him. He commuted to college from home and had a part-time job so he was stretched thin, and his initial college performance suffered. However, he worked hard and his grades improved. Most medical school admissions committees seek out applicants like this because, by overcoming adversity and succeeding with limited resources, they demonstrate exceptional perseverance, maturity, and dedication.

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    • His accomplishments are, by themselves, impressive and he does an outstanding job of detailing his path, challenges, and commitment to medicine. He received multiple acceptances to top medical schools and was offered scholarships. They were learning the basics of carpentry and agriculture. The air was muggy and hot, but these young boys seemed unaffected, though I and my fellow college students sweated and often complained.

      As time passed, I started to have a greater appreciation for the challenges these boys faced. These orphans, whom I met and trained in rural Central America as a member of The Project, had little. They dreamed of using these basic skills to earn a living wage. Abandoned by their families, they knew this was their only opportunity to re-enter society as self- sufficient individuals. I stood by them in the fields and tutored them after class. And while I tried my best to instill in them a strong work ethic, it was the boys who instilled in me a desire to help those in need.

      They gave me a new perspective on my decision to become a doctor. I grew up in the inner city of A City, in Texas and attended magnet schools. My family knew little about higher education, and I learned to seek out my own opportunities and advice. I attended The University with the goal of gaining admission to medical school. When I started college, I lacked the maturity to focus on academics and performed poorly. Then I traveled to Central America.

      Since I was one of the few students who spoke Spanish, many of the boys felt comfortable talking with me. They saw me as a role model. The boys worked hard so that they could learn trades that would help them to be productive members of society. It was then I realized that my grandparents, who immigrated to the US so I would have access to greater opportunities, had done the same.

      I felt like I was wasting what they had sacrificed for me. When I returned to University in the fall, I made academics my priority and committed myself to learn more about medicine. Through my major in neuroscience, I strengthened my understanding of how we perceive and experience life. In systems neurobiology, I learned the physiology of the nervous system.

      The Medical School Personal Statement - What makes a great intro and why it's important

      During my senior year, I developed the study into a formal research project, recruiting the help of professors of statistics and biochemistry. Working at the School of Medicine reinforced my analytical skills. I spent my summer in the department of emergency medicine, working with the department chair, Dr.

      Through Dr. The direct clinical relevance of my research strengthened my commitment and motivated my decision to seek out more clinical research opportunities. A growing awareness of the role of human compassion in healing has also influenced my choice to pursue a career in medicine.

      It is something no animal model or cell culture can ever duplicate or rival. Working in clinical research has allowed me to see the selflessness of many physicians and patients and their mutual desire to help others. As a research study assistant in the department of surgery, I educate and enroll patients in clinical trials. By creating a great personal statement. Pay close attention to the consistent format of these effective personal statements:. Give the admissions committee adcom readers a clear picture of you as an individual, a student, and a future medical professional.

      Make them want to meet you after they finish reading your essay. Our world-class team helps you stand out from the competition and get accepted. Get Accepted! Get Your Free Consultation!