E.b. dubois and booker t. washington compare and contrast essay

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  1. Booker T. Washington and W.E.B DuBois Views
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Booker T. Washington and W.E.B DuBois Views

With Jim Crow laws in effect, Du Bois position seems to be the more fitting and proper of the two. The ideology of Washington promotes unity "in all things essential to mutual progress," Washington but in comparison to Du Bois stand point in the early twentieth century he comes across as merely a sell out. Thus, W. Du Bois is the more highly regarded and esteemed of the two based on his fervent advocating of black rights. The impending question plaguing the black community is that of equal opportunity within the realms of education.

Advocacy of Washington for industrial education is grounded in his training. Du Bois, on the other hand, acknowledges the efforts being made of opportunities for blacks and he sees "the most meager chance for developing their exceptional men" Du Bois , within the black community. Du Bois observations are justified by the landmark court case of Plessy v. Ferguson, where the notion of separate but equal is deemed constitutional. The statistic causes Washington to be shunned once again for his stance, and Du Bois is again embraced for his radical stance.

Washington, being the more passive activist by nature, is regarded by some Black historians as a traitor. But the radical adversary of the self- assertion approach, Du Bois, wins the majority of the black community with his aggressive ideology. Booker T Washington. Read More. Words: - Pages: 6. DuBois vs.

Words: - Pages: 4. Booker T Washington vs. Words: - Pages: 7.

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Essay Booker T. Washington Vs. Plessy Mr. Essay Analysis Of Booker T. Washington blacks. Do modern black leaders agree on the best ways to bring about full equality for blacks? The Autobiography of W. New York, Dusk of Dawn. The Education of Black People. Amherst, The Negro. The Souls of Black Folk.

Chicago, DuBois, W.

The Negro in the South. Philadelphia, Washington, Booker T. Character Building.

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The Future of the American Negro. Boston, My Larger Education.

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Garden City, The Negro in Business. The Negro Problem. A New Negro for a New Century. The Story of My Life and Work. Naperville, Tuskegee and Its People. Up From Slavery. Working With the Hands. Secondary Sources Aptheker, Herbert, ed. The Correspondence of W. Boone, Theodore S. The Philosophy of Booker T. Fort Worth, Broderick Francis L.

Stanford, Negro Protest Thought in the Twentieth Century. Indianapolis, Foner, Philip S. DuBois Speaks. Hamilton, Virginia, ed. The Writings of W.

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Harlan, Louis R. The Booker T. Washington Papers. Urbana, Hawkins, Hugh, ed. Washington and His Critics. Kellogg, Charles F.

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Baltimore, Lester, Julius, ed. Logan, Rayford W. Different from Booker T. Washington, he wanted African-Americans to enjoy civil rights and voting rights equal with whites in a more immediate way than what Washington called for. Du Bois thought that the African-American elite were critical in bringing about African-American equality, so Du Bois advocated advanced to education for African-Americans and not just the work related skills.

One of the biggest disagreements in ideas between the two was over the issue of black suffrage. In terms of voting, DuBois believed that campaigning for the ballot was necessary, but opposed giving the vote to the uneducated blacks. He believed that economic gains were not safe unless there was political power to protect them. Washington, on the other hand, felt that DuBois did more harm than good and served only to irritate southern whites.

While there were many points of disagreement between Washington and DuBois, there were similarities in their ideas as well. Both worked against lynching and opposed racially motivated violence. While Washington may have stressed industrial education over liberal arts, he did believe that liberal arts were beneficial. Though both men can be criticized on various aspects of their approaches, both DuBois and Washington were key figures in the advancement of African Americans. Washington and DuBois were both in pursuit of racial equality, but had different ideas on how to reach it. Washington believed in economic equality, then political and social equality.

While it was important to build economic stability within the African American community, voting rights were necessary to achieve political and social equality. DuBois plan encouraged political and social equality, which was essential at the time. Ideas were true for many African Americans who felt the need for equal rights between races. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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